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The Tweet Sheet: mining the twittersphere so you don't have to


And with that, Adam Matthews announces his presence on The Tweet Sheet. If you haven't heard, Matthews joined teammates Scott Wingo, Michael Roth, Matt Price, Christian Walker, Forrest Koumas, Jackie Bradley, Jr., and coach Ray Tanner as All-SEC selections for 2011.  Matthews earned his selection by being placed on the DL not once, but twice this year for injuring his hamstring. Last year's winner, Corey Williams, had this to say about Matthew's accomplishment: "Ouch. Yes, it still hurts."


The baseball team gets a lot of love from the media for their prolific tweeting. One of the best tweeters out there is starting pitcher Michael Roth. Here, Roth is saying what we've all thought at some point. Lady Gaga + HBO + late night = something you can't unsee.




Remember when Spurrier said this? Let's hope it has the same effect for the basketball program as it did the football program. 




Danged if Stephon Gilmore isn't pushing Marcus Lattimore for favorite tweeter on the football team. Pure poetry from the junior defensive back.




Alright, folks. For those of you unfamilar with how Twitter works, it's time we break down something called the "hash tag." Basically, a hash tag is a way of letting people who are probably interested know about your tweet. This is done by typing the "#" sign and then typing the signifying word or phrase (leaving out any spaces or punctuation). So what young Mr. Smith is saying here is "Thanks to [Strength and Conditioning Coach] Fitz[gerald], my legs feel like noodles." There were a whole bunch of these #thankstoFitz tags today, and I hope they continue throughout the summer. I encourage you to leave your own #thankstoFitz in the comment section.



Nothing too groundbreaking here, I just wanted to point out that Wesley Saunders is still supporting his teammates even though he's achieved near-pariah status among Gamecock fans.




Need something to puff your chest out about this week? Travis Haney has your back. A "Job well-done" goes out to the baseball team for this.  



You know, it's often said that South Carolina is a football school. Or even that South Carolina is a baseball school. That's bull. South Carolina is a winner's school. We've shown that if any of our athletics programs perform at a high level, we'll support them. I'd be interested to see the statistics on where, exactly, Carolina ranks among the nation's women's soccer programs in attendance.


That pretty much wraps up all the news worth reading on Twitter since the last issue of The Tweet Sheet. Are you dissatisfied with the quality of tweets this edition? Sorry, sometimes Twitter sucks. Are you a USC affiliated person and miffed you didn't get a S/O (that's "Shout Out" to you boomers out there)? Too bad, learn to be more creative and witty. I don't care that it's hot outside. Until next time.


Go 'Cocks!


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