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Most Memorable Gamecocks Football Plays from 2010: Number Three, Alshon Jeffery Waxes Alabama

Prior to South Carolina's fateful 2010 game against the Alabama Crimson Tide, Alshon Jeffery was not a household name. He had a nice reputation in the SEC as a legitimate challenger to the status enjoyed by Julio Jones and A.J. Green, and certainly Carolina fans knew all about him. But it wasn't until Jeffery decimated the Alabama secondary with amazing catch after amazing catch that fans and pundits all across the nation woke up to how talented Jeffery is. Fortunately for us, this kind Youtube user has it all documented for us in one tidy video:

Alshon Jeffery vs. Alabama (2010) (via RJalldaylong)

After this game, Jeffery became one of the most well-known players in college football, with his last catch in particular spending its time on numerous highlight reels.

As I said many times over the course of the season, individual performances like this aren't only great because they help us win big games. They're also great because they highlight individual players. Before you say it's the team that matters, don't forget that to net big wins, you have to have great players. In modern college football, getting great players requires having your current players have impressive, highly publicized performances, much like this one. These kinds of performances--and the wins they contribute to--are one of the things that will hopefully give us the recruiting clout necessary to keep winning at the level we want to be at.