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Columbia Super Regional weekend open thread

The South Carolina Gamecocks battle the Connecticut Huskies this weekend for a trip to Omaha. Join us in the comments section to discuss baseball, won't you? Since I have tickets to the games I'll be around before and after, but not during (yes, I'm bragging).

Saturday @ 6:00pm (ESPN2) - Michael Roth (12-3, 1.10 ERA)  vs. Matt Barnes (11-4, 1.62 ERA)

Sunday @ 7:00pm (ESPNU) - Colby Holmes (7-3, 3.76 ERA)  vs. Greg Nappo (10-2, 2.55 ERA)

Monday @ (if necessary, TBA) (ESPNU/ ESPN2) - Forrest Koumas (6-1, 3.07 ERA) vs Brian Ward (6-1. 3.28 ERA)

Go 'Cocks!