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The Daily Feed 6.6.11 // South Carolina Advances to Super Regionals and Other News

Let's also use this for an open thread to talk about Clemson-UConn. The Huskies are up 3-1 in the T3 and have punished Clemson's pitching so far.

Gamecocks to Super Regional with 8-2 Win over Stetson - SOUTH CAROLINA GAMECOCKS

The Gamecocks advance to the Super Regionals with an 8-2 win over Stetson. Hats off to the Stetson Hatters, who played hard to get this far and deserve props for a season well-done. Stay tuned for more coverage of Gamecocks baseball here at GABA. VIDEO: Regional Championship postgame

As said, South Carolina finished off Stetson 8-2 Monday afternoon to advance to a Super Regional. Look inside for video postgame reactions from both teams.

BCS Officially Strips USC's 2004 Championship - Team Speed Kills

The BCS is stripping USC of its 2004 national championship, but Year 2 tells us that means relatively little.

BCS formally declares ’04 USC Trojans football’s first former champs - Dr. Saturday - NCAAF Blog - Yahoo! Sports

More on Southern Cal from Matt Hinton.

Blue Chip College Football

Blue Chip College Football chose Garnet and Black Attack as its blog of the week. Thanks! We're honored.

Lateral Sports

This is a new site some of you might be interested in. The site is called, and like (except for sports), it aggregates all the online media information for every college sporting event, and provides links to where users can watch, listen, or follow live stats online. It is the only site with links to all three media feeds (audio, video, and live stats) in one place. Its completely free, and is simply a search aggregator for answering the question "can I watch the game online".