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THE DAILY (?) FEED 7.3.11 // Carolina Recruiting Updates and More

Gamecocks Football Recruiting: Kelvin Rainey Commits | LOHD

Flounder reports on Carolina's successful recruitment of Kelvin Rainey. Rainey is a four-star prospect who is considered one of the nation's top TEs. Rainey's commitment has been lost in the swirl of attention the baseball team has been receiving, but make no mistake: this is big deal for Carolina football. Rainey could easily be a guy who has the kind of impact that Jared Cook and Weslye Saunders had at Carolina.

Gamecocks Football Recruiting: Mason Zandi Commits | LOHD

Flounder reports on Carolina's successful recruitment of Mason Zandi. Zandi is a two-star OL prospect. He's a huge kid at 6'9 / 275. Although not currently a highly sought-after prospect, you have to think that with some time in the weight room, Zandi could easily get up to 325 or so. Sounds like a potentially solid OT to me. PHOTOS: Parade Gallery No. 2

Gamecock Anthem columnist Ryan Bethea was on hand at the Gamecocks' 2011 national championship parade. Look inside for high-quality images as thousands of Gamecocks lined the streets leading up to the State House.

Oregon’s overpriced ‘scout’ hangs Chip Kelly out to dry - Dr. Saturday - NCAAF Blog - Yahoo! Sports

Matt Hinton discusses the current allegations of serious recruiting violations against Oregon and Chip Kelly. Based on the facts that we now have, I'd say Oregon is in quite a bit of a mess. With the concurrent investigation at Auburn, could it be possible that both participants in last year's title game could see their wins vacated?

Wrongful death verdict leaves UCF with $10 million liability, big questions about O’Leary’s future - Dr. Saturday - NCAAF Blog - Yahoo! Sports

Matt Hinton looks at the aftermath of the finding of negligence and wrongful death in the case against George O'Leary's treatment of late UCF runningback Ereck Plancher. UCF intends to appeal the decision, meaning we'll probably have to wait a little longer to learn of the ultimate outcome of this case, as well as of the fate of O'Leary, whose job will be in jeopardy if the appeal doesn't hold up.