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THE DAILY FEED 08.15.11 // Brison Williams out for the season, SEC Expansion talk refuses to provide closure

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USC loses freshman safety for season | Sport Talk Radio Network
Ouch. Must have been pretty serious for him to have injured his arm and already had a plate put in all in one morning.

The last rodeo: Stephen Garcia looks to lead USC to unprecedented heights in final season | The Daily Gamecock
Kratch on Garcia.

Gamecocks Scrimmage, Here is the Skinny | Leftover Hot Dog
Flounder breaks down the scrimmage results in detail for you.

South Carolina Gamecocks: 7 Observations from Saturday's Scrimmage | Bleacher Report
This is quite a bit of extrapolation from just one scrimmage. It may be something to watch, though.

My guess? Carson has taken over the No. 3 spot, Miles would not be three, Brandon Wilds may have avoided a redshirt, and Eric Baker may not have a roster spot.

Gamecocks Hold First Scrimmage Saturday | Gamecocks Online
When prompted Spurrier says that Kenny Miles will still be the #2 guy at running back. He also calls Shon Carson "Shawn Greene." Yeah, coach. Don't we wish.

TRC Unleashed – Episode 1 - The Rubber Chickens
G-man speaks! After not having penned a single post, T-bone and Buck cajole THE G-MAN into participating in a 30 minute phone call. The guys talk Texas A&M and SEC Expansion, and, uh, like Gamecocks football. Duh. Definitely check it out if you have some free time.

Running the table to the Georgia Dome | The Herald
I might feel better about Gene Sapakoff's prediction that has the Gamecocks going 12-0 in the regular season if not for this:

Sure wins: East Carolina (Sept. 3), Navy (Sept. 17), Vanderbilt (Sept. 24), The Citadel (Nov. 19).

Listing four teams that have set historic precedents by ruining potentially great seasons as "sure wins" is just asking for trouble in my opinion. But what do I know?

Phil Steele Wrong on Gamecocks Bowl Destination | Leftover Hot Dog
No way do we go to the Outback Bowl again. With the expectations Gamecock fans have for 2011, an Outback Bowl birth would be seen as a giant disappointment. We'd probably have trouble selling half our ticket allotment. Besides, I'm wiling to bet the Outback people are still a little gun shy after our last trip to Tampa.



The ESPN Expansion Conspiracy | The Rubber Chickens
I honestly can't understand why the ESPN folks would report that the SEC was pursuing FSU, Clemson, and Missouri when the Texas A&M deal isn't even confirmed. I guess this is as good a theory as any.

SEC Presidents Met, Did Not Vote Today | Team Speed Kills
This headline is pretty all the news to be had from Sunday's meeting. There's also this from CBS's Brett McMurphy:

CBS's Brett McMurphy is reporting that there is a "gentleman's agreement" among the presidents that the SEC won't add teams in states that currently have teams.

Pretty much confirming what we already new. Can you imagine such an agreement in the dysfunctional Big XIIish? Didn't think so.

SEC Presidents Didn't Take Action They Probably Never Planned to Take. Everyone Panic! | Team Speed Kills
Why we probably haven't heard the last of Texas A&M.

Whether or Not the Vote is on Sunday, the SEC Presidents Must Vote Yes | Team Speed Kills
Cocknfire articulates my viewpoint on SEC expansion here flawlessly.

DeLoss Dodds, UT Athletic Director Speaks | Team Speed Kills
It seems the Texas administration has some delusions of grandeur. Imagine that, a Texan that thinks he's more important than he really is. Go figure.


Gamecocks UNITED |
Two former Gamecocks team up on the MLS club D.C. United this season. Josh Wolff -- in his 13th season playing in the MLS -- and rookie Blake Brettschneider make a formidable duo up front for the club.