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South Carolina Football 2011: Fall Practice Miscellany

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With a couple of practices under the team's belt, a few narratives are beginning to emerge. Here are my thoughts on them.

Damiere Byrd is fast. Defenders are having a lot of trouble keeping up with Byrd. We knew he'd be fast, but it's beginning to sound like that may have been an understatement. Spurrier loves to have a player like this to complement his main receiver. Now we know that he has two: Byrd and Ace Sanders, who is also playing quite well. I can't wait to see the end-around to Sanders with a reverse pitch to Byrd for a 70-yard TD.

The other candidates for second receiver are playing well, too. Jason Barnes is struggling right now, which is a shame considering that I was hoping that this experienced receiver would turn it on this year. However, it sounds like Byrd, Sanders, and Bruce Ellington are going to be contributors this year.

Jadeveon Clowney is the real deal. What we keep reading from the practice reports is that Clowney is manhandling the offensive line nearly constantly. Sometimes, that's been against backup OL Will Sport, but sometimes Clowney is doing the same against likely starting left tackle Kyle Nunn. If Clowney is playing like this against Nunn--an experienced SEC OL who could start for most SEC teams--he's ready to make a difference right here and right now. This is great news for Carolina fans. It means that we can hope with reason that Clowney is going to have an impact that is just as quick Marcus Lattimore's was. Such are the benefits for the team that reels in the country's most highly rated prospect.

Stephon Gilmore is playing well. Some of the other DBs have struggled against our hot WR crew, but Gilmore hasn't. It's good to see Gilmore get back to his lock-down form.

Brandon Wilds may be a wild-card in the race for backup RB. Wilds is apparently playing very well right now. It's very premature to think about him beating out Kenny Miles or Eric Baker for backup, but it's good to hear there's competition.

Shawn Elliott is a wild man. Supposedly, Elliott gets in the teams face every other play and is constantly pumping them up. Considering that he's also apparently a very good tactician, I say you can't have enough coaches like Elliott. Carolina needs confidence to believe that it's capable of what it's capable of. Elliott instills this confidence.

Folks, I'm getting stoked about this season. Who's with me?