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South Carolina Football All-Decade Team: Linebacker

We recently finished the offensive and special teams All-Decade Team, and last week we began the defensive team with the defensive line. Today we're talking linebackers. I'm again going to have to keep this post fairly short tonight due to being very busy at the moment.

Although not to the same extent as with the secondary, Carolina has a pretty good track record of producing quality linebackers over the past decade. We've produced several All-SEC caliber stars, and many of those players have gone on to careers in the NFL, some of them having quite a bit of success at the professional level. Some of our most notable such players are OLB Kalimba Edwards (Edwards played both DE and OLB at Carolina and played DE in the NFL; I'm listing him at LB because he played a lot of LB in 2001-2002), spur Rashard Faison (although the size of a DB, played more of a LB role from the spur position), ILB Jasper Brinkley, OLB Eric Norwood, and I/OLB Shaq Wilson.

For the All-Decade Team, I pick Edwards and Norwood on the outside and Brinkley on the inside. I'm also going to pick Faison at spur. I had intended to only pick three LBs, but I feel you have to have Faison on here somewhere, and I want to group spurs with LBs instead of DBs.