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South Carolina Gamecocks Practice Notes

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Now that there are a few more practices in the books, here a few notes about what we're hearing from fall camp.

The quarterbacks are doing well, particularly Stephen Garcia. They're still working the kinks out, but things could be going worse. Steve Spurrier had this to say about his quarterbacks:

Quarterback play continues to be a hot topic around the team this fall. "Stephen (Garcia) looks like he's doing well. He has thrown it well in the pass skel. He is much improved in the decision-making than he has been. Connor (Shaw) is doing ok in there. Dylan (Thompson) and (Andrew) Clifford do some good things. They're coming around."

If Spurrier is praising Garcia, things must be going pretty darn well.

The Wild 'Cock is back. The team has been practicing the wildcat, this time with Bruce Ellington under center. I had a feeling we'd hear about this soon; I've always felt that Spurrier's biggest knock against using the wildcat with Stephon Gilmore is that Gilmore is too important to the defense to play much on offense. With Ellington now on the team and unlikely to see too much time at WR due to a loaded depth chart, it seems natural that Spurrier will again revisit the wildcat. Is it a good idea? We'll see. I think it could be great as a change of pace. It all depends on whether we use it wisely.

Shon Carson is good. Last week, I reported that Brandon Wilds is playing well. Now, it sounds like Carson is the freshman back most likely to threaten for playing time, which is what we expected all along. Carson has looked good catching the ball out of the backfield, and he was the motion man in the wildcat formation.