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Navy at South Carolina: Quick Hits

whew. Whew. WHEW. WHEW!!!

A few quick thoughts on the game:

1. Hats off to Navy. Tough, smart team. I have nothing but admiration for what that team is about.

2. Spurrier needs to quit being cute with this team. Develop an identity. Open the playbook once the identity is established and the team is in rhythm. Don't get greedy.

3. I'm not terribly upset about the defensive performance. There were a couple of really distressing failures on 3rd and 4th downs, but overall, this is about what I expected in this game. Navy has a good offense, and one that's unlike any other we'll see all year. Don't be too worried about what they did tonight; be worried if this happens again next weekend. By the way, Vandy beat Ole Miss 30-7 today--James Franklin has a program going in Nashville, and it won't get much easier when the 'Dores come to town.

I'll be back tomorrow.