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THE DAILY FEED 09.21.11 // Spurrier talks Vandy, Carolina in trouble with the NCAA, and The Mighty Sound of the Southeast gets its swag back


Steve Spurrier's Weekly Press Conference Quotes & Videos | Gamecocks Online
Coach Spurrier and Marcus Lattimore are worth a listen this week.

Spurrier on playing Vanderbilt: A big ball game this week with Vanderbilt. Vandy comes in probably as upbeat and ready to play as they've ever been since I've been here. They're 3-0 just like us. Statistically, defensively they're one of the best in the conference in nearly every category. I think they lead the nation in interceptions.


3-0 Vanderbilt garnering votes in Top 25 polls | InsideVandy
Apparently Vandy just receiving votes in the Top 25 is considered news. I honestly do think they're a pretty good team, but Lord help me if we lose to them this week...

Gamecock Football Record Book - Updated Sept 18 | Leftover Hot Dog
We're going to see some records set this year, folks. 

Listen Up! TRC Unleashed – Episode 6 is Here | The Rubber Chickens

Due to a previous obligation, this episode is "Buckless" (insert whip crack sound effect) and features Tbone and Gman recapping the predictably nail-biting win over Navy and all the trappings that went along with it. Enjoy.

South Carolina Football: So Much for Having the "Best Fans in the World" | Bleacher Report
Alex. Buddy. A little advice: stay far away from the comments sections of I know how you feel. I like to read comments, too, just to see what other people are thinking. It's a bad idea, and it will ruin more than one morning for you. Put down the keyboard and back away from the internet for awhile. 

Lattimore runs away with weekly honors |
I should say so.

Lattimore was at his best late in the game. South Carolina beat Navy at its own game of grinding down the opponent with the running game. Lattimore rushed for 57 yards on 14 carries in the fourth quarter, including the 7-yard game-winning touchdown. "We condition better than any team," Lattimore said. "When it comes to the fourth quarter, as I get more carries, I get stronger." (H/T: @Lifeofagamecock)

2011 Heisman Watch - Heisman Trophy Candidates | ESPN

Follow all the top Heisman Trophy candidates on Includes our weekly experts poll and past Heisman winners. (H/T: @sportstalksc)

Fla. DB pegs South Carolina for one of his visits | The Post and Courier
And on the recruiting front...


Gamecocks receive NCAA Notice of Allegations |
By now you have no doubt seen this. However, it is my duty to bring you THE FEED.

NCAA Notice of Allegations | South Carolina Gamecocks
Just in case you have a serious hatred for time well-spent (hey, I keep telling myself that I'm going to read this thing) here is the actual letter in long form. 

Letters from the NCAA | Spur of the Moment
And a good rundown of the SAM Foundation situation if you are less than inclined to read the entire Notice of Allegations. 

South Carolina Gamecocks: NCAA's Next Scandal? |
Branden Gall wonders if this story doesn't have legs. And frankly, so do I. 

Gamecocks Cut Ties with Booster in D. Byrd case | Life of a Gamecock

NCAA upholds 4-game suspension for South Carolina’s WR Byrd | The Washington Post
Nothing -- and I mean nothing -- about this SAM Foundation thing has made me feel comfortable since I first learned about it. 



Keep you seats ladies and gentlemen: The Mighty Sound of the Southeast has new look, sound | University of South Carolina

Beginning with the first game of the 2011 season, the USC marching band is louder and stronger. In a historic move, Phillips added 11 players to the ranks of the sousaphones for a total of 28 of the low-brass members of the tuba family that bring real heft to the band, which has 32 new members this year for a total of 280.

Be LOUD for the Gamecocks' New Fight Song Arrangement | Spurs Up
More on The Mighty Sound of the Southeast. At first when I heard "new fight song arrangement" I thought to myself "That's great because you know what South Carolina has too much of? Tradition." Then I listened to it and it makes sense. Put the "C-A-R-O-L-I-N (effin') A" at the end so all the fans can join from the start. In a decade or so we'll forget it was ever changed. Not bad. Not sure what that stuff was after the fight song, though. Anyone recognize it? It really is too bad they got rid of the percussion/ low brass tag. 

In our opinion: Marching band loud and mighty once again | The Daily Gamecock
Listen, I was in the band. And i was at the Navy game. The band was louder against Navy than I have ever heard it. The new director finally has the Mighty Sound of the Southeast going in the right direction (see what I did there?). My belated apologies for questioning tryptic's ear last week when we said the band sounded great on TV. I was skeptical, but now I am a believer. I am a little disappointed the trumpet cheer seems to have been chucked out with the bath water, but I guess nothing good can stay. 



The Case for Clemson: Why the Tigers Should Be the 14th SEC Team | Dawg Sports
I don't make a habit of putting anything having to do with Clemson up on GABA, but since our founder has thrown his hat into the ring I think this merits a looksee from y'all. And in the interest of full disclosure, C&F also issued this apology shortly after. 

Whew. The thought of West Virginia in the SEC really made my stomach turn. Are we just handing out conference alms to all the football poor these days? West Virginia was a bad fit financially for the SEC. Period. (H/T: @jameskratch)

Gamecocks' fundraising gets $4.4M boost |

The South Carolina athletics department has surpassed its fundraising goal for the year with the help of a $4.4 million contribution to build walkways around Williams-Brice Stadium.

Good. Williams-Brice could use a face lift. 

Oklahoma, LSU top Best Picture-themed college Power Rankings | Andy Staples -
The Gamecocks are "Gladiator," eh? No complaints here. 

Russell House receives partial revamp | The Daily Gamecock
It was needed. 

Open Happiness: Promotional Coke vending machine celebrates contract renewal | The Daily Gamecock
I <3 Coke. Apparently there was one of these in the Russle House the other day. 

Coca-Cola Happiness Machine | YouTube
In case you needed a visual representation (H/T: @thegamecock).



South Carolina Baseball Lands Top Recruiting Class | Gamecocks Online
Think we have a shot at a "Threepeat?" I'm not going to bet against Ray Tanner. 




Men's Soccer Set To Host Wake Forest In Mid-Week Matchup | Gamecocks Online
Our men's soccer team will be playing at 7:00pm at Stone Stadium on Wednesday night. Though they've struggled this year, putting together a 2-4-1 record thus far, now is always a good time to reel off a winning streak.



Women's soccer falls to Wake Forest 2-0 at home | The Daily Gamecock
I guess we're officially in a re-building year. 



WOMEN'S BASKETBALL | Staley gains another commitment
I may have given up on Darrin Horn after last year's defections, but I still have high hopes for Dawn Staley's crew. Way to go, Coach!



Go 'Cocks!