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Zoltar Speaks!

Zoltar speaks!
Zoltar speaks!


David Pollack just predicted the Gamecocks to win on ESPN's College Football Live. David Pollack just predicted the Gamecocks to win on ESPN's College Football Live. That felt so good I needed to write it twice. I think he made a good selection, as I see Marcus Lattimore rushing for over 100 yards, Alshon Jeffery surpassing 100 yards receiving, and Stephen Garcia going for around 220 yards through the air. The Georgia Bulldogs defense is depleted and proved vulnerable against Boise State last weekend. Offensively, QB Aaron Murray no longer has A.J. Green to throw to, and, though talented, RB Isaiah Crowell will be playing in his first SEC football game and doesn't look like he'll explode onto the scene the way Lattimore did in this game last season. He was held in check by the Boise State defense and I expect South Carolina to do the same. Crowell will have to wait for his first collegiate 100 yard rushing game. Playing against defensive lineman of the quality of the Broncos' and Gamecocks' is no help to an unimpressive Georgia offensive line and the statistics of the backfield behind it. Despite legitimate concerns about the big men up front, Murray will be a good test for the secondary. Running a more typical offense than what ECU runs, the Bulldogs will give fans a better chance to see the Carolina defense's strengths and weaknesses. Georgia will have some success on offense and score some points, but South Carolina dominates this one for the better part of the game and wins soundly. Look for some "Wow!" plays by members of the Gamecocks' defensive line.