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SEC Hoops Power Poll Ballot: 1/8-1/14

Here's my final ballot, updated after discussion with tryptic.

1. Kentucky Wildcats

2. Mississippi St. Bulldogs

3. Florida Gators

4. Vanderbilt Commodores

5. Alabama Crimson Tide

6. LSU Tigers

7. Arkansas Razorbacks

8. Tennessee Volunteers

9. South Carolina Gamecocks

10. Georgia Bulldogs

11. Mississippi Rebels

12. Auburn Tigers

Quick notes:

--I buy tryptic's argument that MSU belongs above Florida. However, I'm not buying Andy Katz's choice to rank Vandy second and 'Bama third. Both of these two teams have a lot to prove, IMO, particularly 'Bama. The Gators, in my view, are a team that's shown it's pretty good but that needs to get over a road funk.

--I decided to stick with USC over UGA. I may end up being wrong about that one, but I feel USC is the better team right now. Part of tryptic's argument for UGA was that UGA beat Southern Cal, while we didn't. Well, we lost a close one to the Trojans, and that was before Bruce Ellington returned. Ellington has sparked this team, and you also have to look at how Damien Leonard is playing and say that Carolina is trending upward more so than UGA. I think Carolina beats UGA today on a neutral court, and that's generally my basis for power rankings. Again, though, I'll admit that I may be wrong and that this may just be the homer in me talking.