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SEC Hoops Power Poll Results: 1/8-1/14

1. Kentucky Wildcats 60
2. Alabama Crimson Tide 51
3. Vanderbilt Commodores 45
4. Florida Gators 43
5. Mississippi St. Bulldogs 43
6. Arkansas Razorbacks 37
7. LSU Tigers 33
8. Tennessee Volunteers 23
9. Mississippi Rebels 19
10. Georgia Bulldogs 17
11. South Carolina Gamecocks 12
12. Auburn Tigers 7

Continue reading for some of our voters thoughts on the teams.


I'm a believer. Only Kentucky is more athletic. Only Kentucky has more talent. Only Kentucky is better, right now.--Georgia Sports Blog


Good win versus the MSU Bulldogs. Can Anderson do it on the road against the other Magnolia State team?--A Sea of Blue


Bad basektball team. Yeah, I misspelled it intentionally because it isn't fair to the other teams to use the term 'basketball team' when talking about Auburn besektball.--Georgia Sports Blog


Team will win plenty because of its talent, but must improve defensively if they hope to compete for a title.--Alabama Basketball Blog


The 'Dawgs continue to struggle inside, but it's not like they just scored 35 points in a conference game . . .like some teams who play and practice in eastern Alabama and are coached by Tony Barbee.--Dawg Sports


Too much talent, depth and now experience with Miller, Jones and Lamb. If this team loses more than three in conference, I'll be shocked.--Alabama Basketball Blog


Could Trent Johnson win the Coach of the Year and still get fired? Probably not even at LSU, but they aren't singing his praises just yet.--A Sea of Blue

Mississippi St.

The Bulldogs dropped back into the middle of the pack with a loss to Arkansas. Not a bad loss, but a loss nonetheless.--Dawg Sports

Ole Miss

Seems like the end for Andy Kennedy.--Alabama Basketball Blog

South Carolina

The Gamecocks' 15 point loss to Kentucky is exponentially better than the Rebels' 26 point defeat at the hands of the Bayou Bengals. That's it. That's the best I've got.--Dawg Sports


Biggest upset of the SEC season so far vs. Florida. Can they go down to Starkville and do it on the road?--A Sea of Blue


We know Vandy is good, but when will they have that inexplicable loss that just leaves us wondering when Kevin Stallings is going to change hair jells?--Georgia Sports Blog