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The Daily Feed: January 12, 2012

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Not much today, ladies and gentlemen, but I scraped together what I could find:

Gamecock Football

Post & Courier: Darryl Slater on John Butler - USC must fill another position.

Gamecock Central: Chris Clark also reports on John Butler's departure. Free content.

The State; Josh Kendall's weighs in on the story, too - Butler leaving Gamecocks for Penn State.

Gamecock Central: Scott Hood agrees with our own Connor Tapp - Right time to bring Ray Rychleski back. Free content.

LOHD: Flounder blogs about the Gamecocks Recruiting Soap Opera Starring Quinshad Davis. I think Quinshad would be a nice pick up, but we're already very strong at WR this year with Roland, Fuller and Smith.

Gamecock Anthem: Jaguars sign punter Spencer Lanning . Way to go, Spencer!

'Women's Hoops

Gamecock Anthem: David Porter previews the LSU-USC game - Top defenses battle in Baton Rouge

The State: Chris Dearing profiles former Goose Creek star Aleighsa Welch - Welch finding her niche with Gamecocks.

Loose Feed

Athens Banner-Herald: Breaking down Georgia’s 2012 schedule. I wouldn't link to it, except it drives up the site-meter!

LOHD: General Malaise opines about The Next Evolution of the BCS.

Saturday Down South: Keith rounds up This Season’s Top Ten SEC Stories.

Saturday Down South: Meanwhile, Jon does a SEC recruiting roundup - Now That The Rematch Is In The Books, Our Attention Turns Toward National Signing Day . Another ex-NFL coordinator in Tide’s sights. The Sabinator never sleeps. You know of what I speak, Gandalf, a great lid-less eye, wreathed in flame ... oh, never mind.

Chris Low: In the meantime, Derek Dooley's D.C. search has another high profile target - Derek Dooley talking to Tide's Sunseri. If Sunseri says thanks-but-no-thanks a la Chavis, expect to see mass seppuku on Rocky Top.

USA Today: NCAA closes loophole that allowed Cam Newton to play. Too little. Too late.