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SEC Hoops Power Poll Draft Ballot: 1/15-1/21

Any disagreements, let me know. I'll be back later tonight with an assessment of the Sands hire.

1. Kentucky Wildcats

I'm assuming no one will contest this selection.

2. Mississippi St. Bulldogs

Nabbed a nice home win over Alabama over the weekend. Not clear yet whether this team is good enough for a deep March run, but that's true of everyone except for the 'Cats.

3. Florida Gators

The win over South Carolina shouldn't impress anyone too much, but it does somewhat dispel the notion that the Gators can't win on the road, particularly considering how well they shot the ball. Granted, attendance figures in Columbia don't exactly suggest a brutal road atmosphere, so perhaps we shouldn't make too much of it, after all, but it's also worth taking into consideration how talented this team is, and how high it's ceiling is.

4. Vanderbilt Commodores

Vandy remains undefeated in the SEC, but it's played a really weak schedule. A road trip at Alabama will tell us whether the 'Dores deserve to move up the poll.

5. Alabama Crimson Tide

The Tide failed to nab a road win at MSU that would have helped them move up the poll.

6. Tennessee Volunteers

No, they don't have a very good record, and yes, they do have two conference losses. However, this team has played a brutal, brutal schedule, and it's managed to avoid getting destroyed in the process. Those close losses to Kentucky, et al., will turn into wins when the Vols begin playing the lower-tier teams.

7. LSU Tigers

I'm having trouble deciding between Arkansas and LSU here. Ark. did beat LSU, but it lacks as many quality wins, and it also lost to Ole Miss this week, so I'm going with LSU and will assume the Tigers will avenge their loss when the Hogs come to Baton Rouge.

8. Arkansas Razorbacks

See above.

9. Georgia Bulldogs

Now we get to the teams that are really struggling. Georgia has been more competitive in its many losses than some of the teams below, so I'm going to give them the nod for the ninth spot.

10. South Carolina Gamecocks

The Gamecocks have been something of a victim of a tough beginning to the conference slate, but their inability to take either Florida or Vanderbilt to the wire at home suggests that this team won't be winning many games against decent competition this year.

11. Ole Miss Rebels

Lost to Auburn in overtime at Auburn, but should beat them when they come to Oxford. Win over Arkansas showed a little fire. Still, a very bad team right now.

12. Auburn Tigers

Hard to imagine these guys winning many games this year. Barbee has a huge job ahead of him.