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The Daily Feed: January 19, 2012

Good morning, Gamecock Nation!

Breaking: The State ( has a story that Kenny Miles is set to return for his final year of eligibility, but it's behind the paywall and it appears to be an exclusive at this point. Our own Connor Tapp says that there are conflicting reports about Kenny's status, so we'll keep an eye out for an article on this story that we can link to. (h/t walknbalk).

South Carolina Football Josh Kendall reports that the HBC is doing fine after knee surgery.

Kornblut: Notwithstanding my post on DE recruiting yesterday, Whammy Ward couldn't work his magic with Kenderius Whitehead, who went ahead and committed to NC State over Clemson (and South Carolina) probably at the very time that I was writing about him. The AJC thinks his choice was was a bit of a surprise since (surprise, surprise) they really felt Georgia was one of the teams to beat - apparently, UGA had been the early leader, but recently Whitehead had eliminated the Dawgs from his final decision despite a strong push at the end from the Athenians. At least DE Josh Dawson is still giving us a good look and says that “Everything is equal right now,” between Vandy, Georgia and South Carolina. No new news on Davlin Tomlinson.

Josh Dawsey: Maybe we don't need to worry about DEs, since Carolina is once again ‘Defensive back university’.

AJC: On the Mike Davis recruitment front, the AJC's Michael Carvell wonders Will RB Mike Davis still visit UGA and Clemson?

LOHD: Flounder posts his Gamecocks Stock Report: Week of Jan. 18, 2012.

TRC: Tbone goes deep undercover to bring you the latest on high-level UNC-USC talks - Behind the Scenes: UNC Football Series Negotiations.

ESPN SEC Blog: Chris tells us that SEC players are well represented on Mel Kiper's draft board and did well in Mel's mock draft. Note that in Mel's mock draft, Stefon Gilmore was not a first rounder. Ed notes that A.J. McCann gets some props as one of the SEC's top returning OL; Ed also has nice things to say about USC's game time atmosphere. And you thought they didn't like us.

Anderson Independent-Mail: Brad Senkiw interviews a USC Board member about SEC developments - Allen suggests changes while SEC is in listening mode.

Bleacher Report: Adam Garrett runs down USC's The 10 Greatest Recruiting Classes of All Time. Slide-show format.

The Linkapalooza continues after The Jump, including Hoops, Baseball, Olympic Sports and the Loose Feed!

Men's Basketball

Gamecock Central: David Clonniger says there is no reason to panic over our 0-3 SEC record because Start was expected, finish the key. I think David is being overly optimistic. Auburn (our next opponent) may be a bad team, but then so are we.

Cocky Country: Katie notes both the men's and women's hoops teams are looking to right the ship against Auburn.

O'Burg Times-Democrat: Darrin Horn, take note - "Shaq Attack Roland" can play some roundball, too.

Lady Gamecock Basketball

The Daily Gamecock: Sports editor Isabell Kurshudyan previews tonight's match-up with Auburn. Women's Hoops Back on the Road to Auburn. Road warriors really need a road win.

Olympic Sports

The Daily Gamecock: Men's tennis opens regular team season this weekend.

Rock Hill Herald: Equestrian and her horse earn opportunity at USC.

South Carolina Baseball USC baseball sets mark for season tickets sold .

Loose Feed Venables to Clemson. You couldn't see this coming with Bob Stoops re-hired his brother Mike as "co defensive coordinator" at OU, could you? The only question was whether he'd go to CU or K State.

Mr. SEC: SEC Commitment Comparison – 1/18/12. Andy Staples discusses the Bama-Justin Taylor recruitment imbroglio and opines that New SEC rule on signings offers safety net for recruits left behind.

Athlon: Ranking the BCS National Champions.

NBC Sports: New Orleans PD issues alert for individual in BCS assault video. “White male, approximately 5’7″ to 5’11″ (height), medium build, unshaven facial hair, wearing a University of Alabama jacket, white shirt,” the description reads. Oh, yeah. That sure narrows it down.