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The Daily Feed: January 22, 2012

Who had a worse day, yesterday? Mitt or Darrin? That's a head-scratcher.


Post & Courier: True freshman safety Brison Williams has been indefinitely suspended from South Carolina's football team for "conduct detrimental to the team." Uh oh.

Kornblut: Hanahan WR Chris Brown not swaying from Notre Dame. I don't know why we're bothering to call Chris, except it makes me worry that the staff feels they've lost traction with Quinshard Davis. Brown always struck me as a huge prima donna, who's erratic recruiting has been directed by his stage-dad. We don't need him.

LOHD: Flounder weighs in on Craig Fitzgerald's resignation and describes it as a huge loss.

ABC Columbia: Garcia Throws 2 TD's in All-Star Game. Video highlights after a 15 second commercial. Bobby Bowden was SG's coach.

YouTube: Sideline interview with Stephen Garcia from the Battle of Florida.

Basketball Auburn beats South Carolina with ease, exceeds 2011 win total (with video).

Habotin Blog: Montgomery Advertiser writer Jay G. Tate blogs through the game. He obviously writes from an Auburn-oriented perspective, but it's pretty informative about the Gamecocks' play. Read it from the bottom up.

Advertiser: Jay Tate's post-game write-up - Auburn basketball: Tigers turn it up, race past Gamecocks.

Gamecocksonline: Gamecocks Fall At Auburn, 63-52. Darrin Horn post-game video.

Why no links from the usual South Carolina beat writers, you might ask? Because none of them went. If that's not an indictment on the overall health of the men's basketball program, then nothing is; all the in-state dailies ran with the generic AP piece. Turning now to the Lady Gamecocks:

Gamecock Central: David Cloninger writes about the women's hardwood woes - Third straight loss could linger.

Gamecocksonline: Hopefully, Dawn Staley won't let it - Women's Hoops Closes Road Swing at #25/22 Vandy. This would be a huge win. Tip-off at 1:30. TV ESPNU.

Olympic Sports

Gamecocksonline: Yesterday wasn't a total disaster, folks - Tennis Cocks Sweep Season Opening Doubleheader.

Loose Feed

AJC: Georgia Tech’s 1st commitment for 2012 gets his scholarship offer pulled. Oversigning! Broken system! The kid is a victim! Oh, wait? It's Johnson? Not Spurrier or Saban? Oh, then never mind. It's OK then.

NBC Sports: Domestic incident nets charges for starting UGA corner. Uh-oh. His arrest has nothing to do with bad karma; rather, as John Taylor put it, Saturday simply wasn't the best of days for SEC defensive backs.

Bleacher Report: Auburn 2012 Offensive Coodinartor: Is It Getting to Crunch Time? (No slides!) I'd be on pins and needles if I pulled for Aubie; it doesn't look like it's anywhere close to done, but then the announcement could come at any time.

Track 'Em Tigers: Updyke Declines Plea Deal. I agree with Sir Charles to a point - 13 years is crazy. But a month seems too light. If I was the prosecutor, I'd push for 2-3 years. How do you put a price tag on Nick Saban's value? Rich getting richer.

ESPN: Clemson introduces Brent Venables. Alternate headline - Dabo Swinney makes it through presser without (totally) be-clowning himself - did he have to name drop that coaches like Kevin Sumlin and Mike Gundy had called to give him an attaboy? Is he that needy for praise? Best line from the ESPN story: Clemson has lost three straight games to South Carolina. Oh yeah, baby! Love it when the World Wide Leader keeps twisting that knife! More please.