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SEC Hoops Power Poll Results: 1/22-1/28

My ballot didn't change from yesterday; here are the overall results:

1. Kentucky Wildcats 96
2. Florida Gators 80
3. Mississippi St. Bulldogs 78
4. Vanderbilt Commodores 77
5. Alabama Crimson Tide 66
6. Mississippi Rebels 59
7. Arkansas Razorbacks 52
8. Tennessee Volunteers 41
9. LSU Tigers 34
10. Georgia Bulldogs 23
11. Auburn Tigers18
12. South Carolina Gamecocks 8

Needless to say, the jumble under Kentucky suggests just how unclear it is right now who will challenge the 'Cats. Somewhat surprisingly to me, the rest of the spots were voted relatively consistently, outside of wildcard Ole Miss, which showed extremely high variance. More commentary after the jump.


Bama’s game versus Vandy was probably an aberration. Their effort against Kentucky was much more in line with what we should expect from them.--Anchor of Gold


What a huge victory over Michigan. If all the Razorback's games were played at home, they might be undefeated.--A Sea of Blue


The other Tigers end their streak of overtimes with a win over South Carolina. They will probably be a pesky team for the rest of the season.--And the Valley Shook


Gators playing much more consistently as we get into conference play.--ACC & SEC Blog


Too bad the Dawgs can't play the intensity they showed in the last 2 minutes against Mississippi for a full game. Since they don't, they find themselves in the bottom of the conference.--Georgia Sports Blog


#1 in all the land means they are #1 in the SEC as well. No exposition necessary.--A Sea of Blue


If not for the big wins by the above two teams, the Tigers would be up a little bit higher. They stopped their losing streak by beating Auburn in overtime, but fell on the road to Florida.--And the Valley Shook

Mississippi St.

The win at Vandy is a sign the Bulldogs are still relevant in the best of the rest discussion. Of course, there are four other teams that can say the same thing.--Georgia Sports Blog

Ole Miss

Perhaps those reports about Andy Kennedy's demise were exaggerated.--Alabama Basketball Blog

South Carolina

Darrin Horn is having a tough time figuring out how to win in Columbia.--Rocky Top Talk


An out of conference win over UConn doesn't move them in the SEC standings, but it did show how talented Jarnell Stokes is.--And the Valley Shook


Vanderbilt lost a game they should have won. No excuses. Team defense still a problem, and MSU owned them on the offensive glass.--A Sea of Blue