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South Carolina at Kentucky: A Quick Recap

In a result that should surprise no one, Kentucky convincingly defeated South Carolina this afternoon, 79-64. Terrance Jones led Kentucky with 20, while Damien Leonard led Carolina with 15.

Although it's hard to find many silver linings in such a complete rout, I do see one positive here: Leonard's play. Early in the season, Leonard struggled with his shot, perhaps having some bad nerves as he opened his NCAA career. Lately, though, he's been playing much more like the top-flight recruit he was projected to be. If he can continue to play like that, he can help us improve our results. I don't think we should make too much of this game. Few programs would have come out of Rupp with a significantly different result; this isn't the game that we should be looking to when trying to determine the course of this program. What we need to be doing is beating the teams that are within our reach, and giving the top teams a tough push when we get them at home. Leonard can help us do that with his current level of play.

The Gamecocks get another shot at an upset when Vanderbilt visits Columbia on 1/10.