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SB Nation Blogpoll Questions: Week Five

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It was a pretty slow week in college football, with few big-time games. Here are a couple of questions that do jump out at me, despite the fact that we didn't learn a lot this week.

1. Is LSU in trouble? If so, how far should they fall? LSU's defense looks just as good as everyone thought it would, but its offensive line, which lost talented tackle Chris Faulk after the first game, is struggling. The Tigers have been shuffling lineups the last few weeks, and they started a true freshman last night against Towson. It was hoped that the new lineup would solve the problems that plagued LSU against Auburn. Unfortunately for LSU, it didn't do the trick, as Towson rung up four sacks. LSU QB Zach Mettenberger fumbled on a sack, which is becoming a trend. Part of the problem for LSU is that they really need excellent line play to succeed on offense. They want to run the ball between the tackles, and they have a statue for a QB. Some teams can mask line problems to some extent, but not LSU. Can the Tigers work through these problems and have the kind of season they were expected to have? They better figure it out quick, because if they don't, they could very well lose three out of the next four, with Florida, South Carolina, and Alabama on deck. All three of those teams have defensive fronts that will eat LSU alive if it keeps playing like it has been.

2. Do any of these teams deserve to be ranked: Rutgers, Cincinnati, Northwestern, Texas Tech, Washington, Texas A&M, Louisiana Tech? All of these teams are hovering just inside or outside the AP and ESPN/USA Today polls. Most of them are largely unknowns to me, teams that just haven't done anything that suggests they're worth being ranked. Washington upset Stanford this past weekend, but that may say more about how weak the Pac-12 is this year than anything else. Maybe TAMU deserves to be ranked, but they really haven't beaten anyone this year. The other teams are all undefeated solely by virtue of not having played anyone. Do they really deserve to be ranked ahead of a team like Michigan St., which has two losses but has played a brutal opening schedule? I'm leaning towards "no," but I'm curious to know what you think.