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SEC Power Poll Questions: Week Five

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1. Anyone want to argue for placing USC ahead of LSU? I moved Georgia ahead of the Tigers last week. Given what appears to be a very real Achilles heel in LSU's offensive line, I'm beginning to think it's time to move USC up, too. I'm honestly beginning to think that we have a good shot at winning the game in Red Stick. If LSU doesn't shape up quickly, Clowney and Taylor are going to sling Mettengerger all over the field. The Tigers are beginning to have the feel of the recent Florida teams. You know, defense is good, but can only hold them in the game so long against better competition. I could see a game like our win in the Swamp in 2010, where it's close in the first half, but Lattimore wears out a tired LSU defense in the second half.

2. How good is TAMU? Best team behind Miss. St.? Granted, Arkansas stinks and seems to get worse by the week, but it's hard not to be at least somewhat impressed with the Aggies, particularly their offense. QB Manziel seems to be finding his stride in Kevin Sumlin's system.