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The Feed Pail - October 11, 2012 - Baton Rouge: laissez le bon temps rouler

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Some quick links and daily reading material from around the internets as they pertain to the South Carolina Gamecocks. Today, LSU primer information and commitments.

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TFP: Let the good times roll

Hat-tip to for sending me this link, FB is blocked at work now so I don't always get Justin King's new stuff. Here's his take on the Georgia game.

The Big Spur: Daily 5: Quick Look at LSU. Interesting take on LSU punting to Ace Sanders. Feels funny to have our return game listed as a strength. Don't get me wrong, I'm still thrilled about it. I had hoped we see more of this earlier. Didn't Ace return a punt against ECU in 2011? Kinda makes me wonder what happened the rest of the year. We could use one again on Saturday again, Ace. Thanks!

Commitment: Gamecock Man wrote this piece up, and here is what The Big Spur-24/7 Sports(paywall) has to say about the Gamecocks commitment from Kelsey Griffin. It's great to be a Gamecock. Also, as Gamecock Man points out, you can see what SB Nation's Bud Elliott thinks of the commitment here. But it seems like it came down to making the big fellow feel at home, I guess we made him some lemonade... The Big Spur says this:

G.A. Mangus, Brad Lawing and the South Carolina commitments who helped Griffin feel at home in Columbia at the game deserve major kudos here.

NFL Factory?: Chris Mahr from LostLettermen writes about the talent on this South Carolina team. And, he sees a lot of NFL talent. While he is correct that we tended to be overlooked as a team due to our 7-win or 8-win seasons and lack of a BCS bowl, I would say that individually we have had plenty of players that were NFL talent before. You look around on Sundays and you see a lot of former Gamecocks in the NFL. Jonathon Joseph, John Abraham, Chris Culliver, Dunta Robinson, Alshon Jeffery, Melvin Ingram... to name a few. Maybe Chris isn't a recruitnik, but where I see this helping us is in recruiting. We're not only trying to recruit in-state and in Georgia, but also in Florida. We're going up against schools like Clemson, Georgia and Miami. Where I'm going with this is DT Bryant.

Miami's season is on the ropes and they just got blasted by Notre Dame in Chicago. I'm not really seeing a lot that plays in favor of the U. I've always respected the U. Some truly great played went through there, but this is now. With the talent, our packed stadium, improved facilities and the way we play defense. Maybe that's the homer in me, but I can't really see much reason to choose Miami over South Carolina. To tie this all in, in 2002, 2003 you could point to players from the U in the draft, but USC is sending plenty of players to the league in its own right. I guess the only thing really working in Miami's favor is that he is from Florida so, the distance to USC or UGA. Still think he'll end up somewhere else.


ATVS Film Study: An extensive film study on the play of LSU's DT B. Logan. A good look at what he did well and not so well.

ATVS: Paul reviews every single offensive position and looks for answers as to what transpired in the swamp.

Loose Feed:

Arkansas Revolt: This is just for schitzengiggles. Some funny stuff from the guys over at Arkansas ExPats.


The Worldwide Leader has its picks from bloggers Chris Low and Edward Aschoff, also, they have their things to watch and their own simulation of the game. Picks below:


Edward Aschoff: Both of these defenses have been on point thus far, but LSU's offense has been abysmal in its two SEC games. We know South Carolina will try to grind it out and bring pressure to Zach Mettenberger. The Gamecocks have the momentum, but under the bright lights inside Tiger Stadium, The Hat will find a way to get it done. ... LSU 20, South Carolina 17

Chris Low: LSU is still smarting from the loss to Florida last week, and there’s something magic about Tiger Stadium on a Saturday night. The odds say LSU comes back and wins this game, but the Head Ball Coach has beaten the odds at South Carolina and turned the Gamecocks into a contender. They take another monumental step in the Bayou version of Death Valley. … South Carolina 23, LSU 17

Athlon Sports: One to Twenty, a numerical history from Athlon. Great facts in there!

Leftover Hot Dog: They preview LSU and make a prediction for a tight game. and while you're there...

Leftover Hot Dog: Billy's take on the uniforms, I would say that I agree with him.

In closing, make sure to tune into ESPNU and watch Unite where our very own Connor Tapp will take on another blogger with a live air debate.