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The Gamecock's Viewing Guide

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Suffering from Saturday afternoon sensory overload? Let Garnet & Black Attack simplify your decision-making process.

Kevin C. Cox - Getty Images

Auburn Tigers @ Mississippi Rebels, 12:31 PM EDT, SEC Network/ESPN3

Why You Should Watch: The LOL Factor

Ole Miss hasn't won an SEC game since October 6, 2010 against Kentucky. If that date looks familiar, it's because it's the same day that South Carolina beat Alabama and exactly seven days before the Gamecocks lost to Kentucky 31-28 in Lexington. It was fourteen days before South Carolina lost to Auburn for the first time in 2010 en route to the Tigers' historic national championship season. But my how the tide has turned (no pun intended) since that three week span. Sure, Gene Chizik's Auburn team has gone on to beat South Carolina twice since that three week stretch, but after going 8-5 in 2011 and starting 2012 1-4, the heat being applied to Gene Chizik's seat is intense enough to make his wife do the craziest thing since the last time the wife of an Auburn coach did a crazy thing.

Also, the better Ole Miss performs on the field, the better the chances of top 2013 prospect Robert Nkemdiche flipping his commitment from Clemson to Ole Miss, which, come on, would just be the most Clemson thing ever.

Whatever You Do, Turn It To CBS At 2:30 PM EDT

Why You Should Watch: "Aight, I'm gettin' on the treadmill."

And... "We've got the realest squirrels in the Southeast."

3:30 Slate: Scan for Upsets

There aren't too many matchups in the midday slot that look particularly compelling on paper, but there are a few top 10 teams going on the road to play at least somewhat competent opponents, including the #1 Alabama Crimson Tide going to Columbia, MO (3:30 CBS) and the #5 West Virginia Mountaineers going to Lubbock, TX (3:30 ABC). #17 Stanford at #7 Notre Dame (3:30 NBC) could also get interesting. There isn't very much potential impact here for the Gamecocks' hopes in 2012, so feel free to flip channels with reckless abandon, or even use this time to get caught up on Parks & Rec.

Florida Gators @ Vanderbilt Commodores, 6:00 PM EDT, ESPNU

Why You Should Watch: Trap Game Potential

Something about this game just feels off. Florida's value has been inflated by beating Tennessee and LSU teams that aren't nearly as good as they were thought to be at the beginning of the season. Meanwhile, Vanderbilt was written off after losing on the road to Northwestern, but very quietly defeated the Missouri Tigers 19-15 on the road last week. Watch the the first two hours of this game or until Florida opens up a two touchdown lead.

Contingency Plan: Kentucky Wildcats @ Arkansas Razorbacks, 7:00 PM EDT, ESPN3

Why You Should Watch: The "L" in John L. Smith Stands for "LOL"

There's probably nothing to see here in a comfortable win for the Razorbacks, but the potential for Arkansas to lose this game is just too fascinating to ignore it completely. Keep it on "Prev. Ch." until the South Carolina game comes on at 8.

South Carolina Gamecocks @ LSU Tigers, 8:00 PM EDT, ESPN

It's incredibly exciting to get Musberger & Herbstreit calling our game for the second week in a row. As far as I'm concerned, they are the best pair in the business. That said, if you have some sort of blood feud with Brent & Herbie or if you were captured by terrorists who hypnotized you and made your trigger phrase "You're looking live at Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge, Louisiana," then you should listen to Dr. Annie and myself call the game through Let Me Hear Ya.

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