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SB Nation Blogpoll Questions: Week Seven

Ronald Martinez - Getty Images

1. Oregon St.? Don't know much about this team. Are they legit? They seem like the little engine that could, they manage to win close games week in and week out. If they keep playing well, the schedule sets up nicely for at least a ten-win season, and they could very well be undefeated when the Ducks come to town.

2. How far does South Carolina drop? On the one hand, I feel like we were exposed a bit in the game against LSU and thus deserve a steep drop. On the other hand, maybe it was just a letdown coming off a big win, particularly considering how hard it is to leave Tiger Stadium with a win.

3. Texas Tech? Another team I know little about. Obviously, the win over previously undefeated WVU is impressive, but on the other hand, WVU has a shoddy defense that is regularly put in bad situations by the team's offensive philosophy, so this kind of game was probably to be expected. Plus, the one thing I do know about TTU is that Tommy Tuberville is their coach. Outside of 2004 Auburn, this guy is among the game's most inconsistent coaches. He has a magical ability to get his team up to play good teams, but they generally turn around the next week and lose to lesser competition. Last year, the season collapsed after they beat Oklahoma.