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SEC Power Poll Ballot: Week Five

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1. Alabama Crimson Tide

No question here.

2. Georgia Bulldogs

Defense looks suspect but may get better once formerly suspended players settle in.

3. LSU Tigers

Trending down. Not clear how long this team can survive without a loss at its current level of play.

4. South Carolina Gamecocks

Next three games will determine whether this is "the year" for South Carolina.

5. Florida Gators

Big chance to move up this weekend. Don't be surprised if they pull the upset over LSU.

6. Mississippi St. Bulldogs

This team is a bit of an unknown to me. Almost certainly not good enough to move up to five, but it's unclear whether they'll be able to hold onto six as the season progresses.

7. Texas A&M Aggies

Trending upward. QB is settling in.

8. Tennessee Volunteers

Offense may have come into its own in loss to UGA.

9. Missouri Tigers

Tough road win over UCF.

10. Ole Miss Rebels

Acquitted itself relatively well in Tuscaloosa. Clearly much better than a year ago.

11. Auburn Tigers

Creampuff war this weekend against Arkansas. Should be amusing.

12. Vanderbilt Commodores

Off this past weekend.

13. Kentucky Wildcats

Showed some fight against USC.

14. Arkansas Razorbacks

Once considered a national title contender, Arkansas might in fact be the worst team to come out of the SEC in the past decade or so. I wish this gave me more pleasure, but I really hated Petrino much more than Arkansas.