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South Carolina Gamecocks at Florida Gators: Three Keys and Prediction

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Sam Greenwood

Many of us thought the Georgia game was the game of the year. The next week we thought LSU was the season's prime nemesis. This week, it's Florida. And if you haven't been paying attention, it really is Florida. At least for now. This is it, folks. Winning this game is the difference between epic and not-so-epic. And these days, we're not playing for ransoms anymore. We're playing for the real thing. We have to beat the injuries and beat the Florida Gators. Go 'Cocks!

Here are my keys:

Three Keys to Victory:

3. Secondary Play

Obviously, Florida's game plan will be to run the ball. We're going to work hard to stop them up front. If we do that, they'll try to throw the ball. We'll either make plays or we won't. Punish Driskell's for locking in or not. Let's hope we do what's necessary. This is a big game, BTW, for Akeem Auguste. Jimmy Legree supposedly has the flu. Step up, AA!

2. Step Up!

Obviously, we have injuries. They do, too. At least a few of them. It's a tough order, but our youngsters have to step up. Part of that means that our coaches have to believe in certain guys. If so-and-so is our best option, give him a shot. I'm wiling to bet he's at least willing to try.

1. Run Defense

We've got guys hurting up front, but they've got to step up and stop Florida' brutal offensive line, as well as Brent Pease's line games. On the one hand, I hope our coaches have studies up. On the other, I hope our boys are ready to man up.


21-17. First time I've ever picked us over Florida. Hope I'm right!