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SEC Power Poll Questions: Week Six

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Jim Brown-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

1. Anyone want to vote for Florida over USC? I'm all ears if so. At this point, I believe USC is the better team. Based on what we've seen thus far, both teams have great defenses, but the Gamecocks are better on offense. The only team Florida has moved the ball particularly well against has been Tennessee, a team that generally hasn't been able to stop anybody, and even in that game, Florida's offense feasted more on solitary big plays than sustained drives.

2. Rank these teams: Georgia, LSU, Mississippi St. Some order of these teams will be my four, five, and six. Right now, I'd probably order them LSU, Georgia, MSU, but I'm open to other suggestions. Some things to consider: As bad as its offense is, LSU's defense remains as good as any in the nation, while Georgia appears to have problems on both sides of the ball. On the other hand, Georgia clearly has the better offense, and its defense might get better as the formerly suspended players settle in. MSU is undefeated, but they really haven't beaten anybody, and they've looked sluggish on both sides of the ball against mediocre competition. (PS: Anyone think TAMU can make things interesting for Mississippi St. or even LSU?)

3. Is Auburn the league's worst team? We knew the Tigers' offense was bad, but AU fans were probably thinking that things might look better against Arkansas's woeful defense, which had given up 58 points to Texas A&M the week before. It didn't happen, as Arkansas dominated the line of scrimmage and held AU to seven points. Things are looking bad for the program that won the national title just two years ago. That seems like a long time ago now, and it'll seem like it was even longer ago to AU fans if Alabama wins another title this year.

4. Who impressed you more: Ole Miss in a loss to TAMU, or Vandy in a win over Mizzou? Not that it really has a lot to do with this question, but Vandy looks to have the better chance to go bowling. The Commodores have quite a few winnable games left on their schedule. I'm pretty impressed with Ole Miss's young QB, though.