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SB Nation Blogpoll Questions: Week Six

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Scott Olmos-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

1. Number Two: South Carolina or Oregon? Yes, Oregon has been higher than us all year. Yes, I'm probably overly giddy at what we did last night. But, really, who has the better resume? Oregon doesn't have a shellacking against a top-five team to hang its hat on, and at this point in the season, can't we go by resume to some degree? I also feel that our defense could slow down the high-powered Ducks offense. You can also make your case for another one of the contenders, which include Florida (all defense, no offense), WVU (all offense, no defense), Notre Dame (still a work in progress at QB, despite impressive showing this weekend), or Kansas St. (probably not talented enough to go all the way, but their coach is a wizard).

2. How far do LSU and UGA fall? I'm thinking not too far for LSU (still in top 10), but a little further for UGA (top 15). UGA will probably win all its remaining games other than Florida, but it's hard to imagine the Dawgs would be competitive against many top 10 teams after what we saw last night.

3. Any thoughts about Iowa St., Louisiana Tech, or Ohio? Do any of these teams deserve to be ranked? ISU thrashed TCU, but the Frogs were without their QB. Louisiana Tech is undefeated with two wins over AQ programs, but it has a bunch of close games against average competition. Ohio remains undefeated and the win over Penn St. is aging well.