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The Feed Pail - October 8, 2012 - Battle Uniforms Unveiled in Rebel Grey

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Some quick links and daily reading material from around the internets as they pertain to the South Carolina Gamecocks.

Kevin C. Cox - Getty Images

BATTLE: This is a phrase that just won't leave the Fighting Gamecocks of South Carolina. We're gonna battle til the end. We battled on Saturday against Georgia and we know we have another battle coming up against LSU. After that we have a battle in the Swamp, then we're going to battle some more, then we have the Battle of the Palmetto State. So, this week on the road, we're going to where these alternate battle grey uniforms. Battle.

Power Polls: Power polls, get yer power polls here. They're free and they look good. Power Polls, get yer power polls here.

Easiest way to prove you're not the "Old Carolina"? Win this week. - Team Speed Kills, truth.

Leftover Hot Dog: Carolina recruiting beats Georgia. As Team Speed Kills notes in Sprints, USC is keeping its in-state talent, while also getting some from the Peach State.

The Big Spur: (paywall) Another good report on the recruiting front after Saturday's game. Junior LB Dillon Bates of Ponte Vedra was really impressed with how the Gamecocks handled the fanfare and buildup to still execute at game time.

Anderson Independent: Important challenge for USC is staying humble and keeping an eye on the big picture. Those 2010 references to Kentucky didn't die with our trip to UK.

LSU: Freshman Linebacker Kwon Alexander lost for the season. Depth could be an issue for the Tigers. Don't worry about it being easy for Carolina who still has to deal with the law firm of Montgomery, Mingo and Minter.

ESPN on LSU: LSU needs to find a momentum builder. I don't know that LSU really misses the Tyrann Mathieu as much as this miss is timely delivering of the awesome. I was a pretty big fan of the guy last year and pointed out that he really broke open several games for LSU. Especially in wins against WVU, Arkansas, UGA and even a big play in the game against Oregon. They need something, and I'm a little afraid they will find it on Saturday. That's just my pessimism talking.

And The Valley Shook: Press conference notes for LSU vs South Carolina.

Game Time - Florida: CBS has exercised its wait and see option. choosing between USC @ UF, Alabama @ Mizzou, and LSU @ Texas A&M.

Hoops Recruits: Coach Martin picks up another recruit in Justin McKie to add to the commitment of Sindarius Thornwell. We add another in-state product. Great to see Martin doing well in recruiting, hopefully we can get a couple more wins this year and really look for a great few seasons starting in 2013.

Loose Feed:

SB Nation Atlanta: Looks at what happened to UGA on Saturday and how they got there. Connor Tapp isn't the only one comparing USC to Alabama:

On Twitter I noticed a lot of comparisons to the "blackout" debacle against Alabama in 2008

But the author sticks with a comparison to a 1998 Tennessee team that beat the pups with UGA's first opportunity to host ESPN's College Gameday. Don't think I don't see what you're doing there UGA!! Your voodoo jinx has been seen. To his credit, Kyle is fighting the good fight and ranking Alabama and South Carolina low enough to not jinx the SEC out of BCSMNC. Don't mind that Florida being number one, they hate Florida, and he'd rank Auburn number two to jinx them, if they weren't so bad.

Lunatic Fringe: R Really people? Really? Thoughts and prayers go out to Aaron Murray who is dealing with things more important than football. Remember, it's just a game, people.