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SB Nation Blogpoll and SEC Power Poll Questions: Week Eleven

Streeter Lecka

There's really only one question this week: How do you rank the SEC's top six? In what has to be one of the oddest polls in recent memory, the SEC features no less than six teams in the top nine of the BCS standings--and none in the top three. That's right, it's all SEC from 4-9. Thanks a lot, 'Bama and A&M. (Of course, these ranking are somewhat misleading in that Ohio St. is ranked sixth in the AP Poll, but is ineligible for a BCS ranking due to sanctions.)

It's hard to sort this group of SEC teams out. I say 'Bama still goes first, but after that, it's a bunch of tough calls. Georgia has a nice record with only one loss but only one quality victory in a turnover-plagued game. The Dawgs were also dominated by South Carolina. Florida has the best resume of the group and only one loss. The wins over TAMU, LSU, and South Carolina is probably the best collection of scalps of any team in the conference. However, the Gators have looked like crap lately and have only narrowly escaped an embarrassing loss. LSU has wins over South Carolina and TAMU and has looked improved offensively in recent weeks. The Tigers really should have beaten 'Bama. TAMU is the country's hottest team after beating 'Bama in Tuscaloosa, but it has losses to LSU and Florida. Lastly, South Carolina has one of the season's most impressive wins with its dismantling of Georgia, but it dropped its next two, including an ugly blowout loss to Florida.

For what it's worth, my inclination is to to rank teams based on how I feel they'd do against each other on a neutral field, and in that regard, probably rank these teams TAMU (they weren't this strong at the beginning of the season, but they're on fire right now), LSU, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. But I've had trouble sticking to this idea in recent weeks, as there's simply ample evidence that any of these teams could beat each other on any given day. Heck, any of them could beat 'Bama on any given day, although I'd expect Florida would have the most trouble. This is one of the toughest SECs to figure out in recent memory.