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South Carolina will never have more entertaining head coaches

Gamecock fans are extremely lucky to have Steve Spurrier and Frank Martin as the head coaches of their two major athletics programs. Sure, they're good coaches, but they're entertaining as hell.

Deal with it.
Deal with it.

When it comes to folksy one-liners, Steve Spurrier has been absolutely on fire this season. Let's recap:

"Gimpin' around out there." - Steve Spurrier, on Connor Shaw' being injured at last week's practice

"Skunking it up." - Steve Spurrier, on Connor Shaw's performance in the Florida game

"Pooping around." - Steve Spurrier, on the South Carolina offense in the second quarter of the Georgia game and again on the offense in the fourth quarter of the Arkansas game.

And now: "What can you ever gain by putting your business on the street?" It sounds like something Stringer Bell would've said to Avon Barksdale during the third season of The Wire.

And head basketball coach Frank Martin? Oh, he spent his Wednesday afternoon casually mentioning that he attended a Rick Ross concert the night before and, no big deal, but he has made the acquaintance of the Teflon Don.