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SEC Power Poll and SB Nation Blogpoll Questions: Week Ten

Ronald Martinez

SEC Power Poll Questions

1. How good is TAMU? I can't really see voting them any higher than fifth based on record and head-to-head results, but based on how they've played lately, you really have to think that they're right up there with the conference's best. I wouldn't be at all shocked if they make things really interesting in Tuscaloosa this weekend. Manziel might be the conference's best QB.

Blogpoll Questions

1. What do you think of Louisiana Tech and Toledo? Both of these mid-majors have a single loss, and in both cases that loss came to solid AQ-level teams.Toledo has a win over a then-ranked Cincinnati team. It's really a shame they had to lose those close games. Either one would have a been a fun BCS-buster to follow throughout the end of the season. Louisiana Tech, especially, is an exciting team to watch with its prolific offense and coveted young coach.

2. What's Louisville's ceiling if they win out? The Cardinals might be the most unimpressive undefeated AQ team I've ever seen. They won convincingly this past week, but most weeks have brought squeeker wins over lackluster competition. It's hard to feel that this team would be even remotely competitive against most top 15 teams. Where do they go?