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SEC Power Poll and SB Nation Blogpoll Ballots: Week Ten

Grant Halverson

SEC Power Poll

1. Alabama Crimson Tide

The Tide survived a scare in Baton Rouge. That counts for a lot in my book.

2. LSU Tigers

The Tigers team that almost beat Alabama--and probably would have, if not for Les Miles's ill-advised gambles--would easily beat Georgia or Florida.

3. Georgia Bulldogs

Impressive second half against Ole Miss, but the Rebels were way outmanned.

4. Florida Gators

A pretty pathetic showing in what could be described as a fortunate win against Mizzou, but hard to rate them below South Carolina considering how the head-to-head results shook out.

5. South Carolina Gamecocks

Yet another go without Marcus Lattimore begins this weekend for the Gamecocks.

6. Texas A&M Aggies

Very hot team. I'm really excited about their game against 'Bama this weekend.

7. Mississippi St. Bulldogs

Big drop-off from six to seven.

8. Vanderbilt Commodores

Left for dead after losing its first two games, the Commodores have quietly gotten their season on track and are in good shape for a second-straight bowl bid. A win over Tennessee would be the season's crowning jewel and a potential watershed moment for James Franklin.

9. Ole Miss Rebels

Improved, but not ready for the big time yet.

10. Tennessee Volunteers

Just a pitiful showing from the defense for this team. Has to be maddening to UT fans to see such a great offense wasted.

11. Arkansas Razorbacks

Something of a shot at bowl eligibility. That has to be considered a marginal success, considering where this team was at one point.

12. Mizzou Tigers

James Franklin has to be the most overrated QB the SEC has seen in some time.

13. Auburn Tigers

Well, at least it didn't get worse for Auburn over the weekend.

14. Kentucky Wildcats

It's too bad it didn't work out for Joker Phillips, but he just wasn't getting it done in Lexington.