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Cocky in the Finals of the Capital One Mascot Challenge

Kevin C. Cox

It's time for the final battle in the 2012 Capital One Mascot Challenge playoffs. The championship round is a dream matchup between the top two contenders, our own Cocky and Texas Tech’s Raider Red.

Cocky is looking for a title to cap off an undefeated season, while Raider Red aims to knock our bird off of his perch and finish an impressive one-loss season with a championship.

The competition will culminate with the winner being announced at the Capital One Bowl game on Jan. 1 at 1pm EST on ABC. The winner will take home the coveted title of Capital One’s National Mascot of the Year and $20,000 towards their school’s mascot program.

Ultimately, Cocky's fate lies in your hands. There are three ways fans can take action and vote. Use one of these methods to get your vote in for Cocky.


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