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Clemson-Carolina Video From Justin King

Here's is the latest masterpiece from Justin King, showcasing the win in 2012 for the Gamecocks.

Kevin C. Cox

We would be remiss in our duties if we didn't share this video, so for your viewing pleasure South Carolina vs Clemson 2012, by Justin King

A few thoughts:

Firstly, his videos just keep getting better. And, while the wins over the tigs keep getting sweeter, Justin is really mastering his craft. Job very well done.

Secondly, here are some stats to keep in mind. This is the completion of Spurrier's 8th regular season. In that time he is 5-3 vs our in-state rivals. As best I can tell the winningest coach in USC football history vs Clemson is Rex Enright, who went 7-6-1 vs Clemson. With a contract extension, Spurrier could certainly best that mark in total wins vs the tigs, as well as in winning percentage.

Thirdly, USC has won four in a row against the gentlemen of the upstate. Matching the best streak of four from 1951-1954, which was achieved by Rex Enright as well. But, the longest streak without a Loss to Clemson is from 1949, also led by Enright. Who won in 1949, played to a tie in 1950, won 4 in a row before losing in 1955.

Whenever the streak ends, and it certainly will, we just hope that we'll be able to keep the losses as rare as possible. While it will end eventually, I see no reason to believe it will end in 2013, and I will take Jadeveon Clowney for his word. Guaranteed win until he goes to the pros. Then it's just probable.

Go Cocks!