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Georgia at South Carolina Women's Basketball: A Quick Recap

Close, but no cigar: in a seesaw matchup between two ranked SEC East squads, the Lady Dawgs beat the Lady Gamecocks this evening, 61-59. Lakeisha Sutton led all scorers with 20, while Jasmine Hassel led the Dawgs with 18.

As said, this was a tight affair. UGA led for much of the game, but the Gamecocks were never far from striking distance. We were able to break the lead several times, including at the end of the game, when we tied everything up after Iesia Walker made two free throws. However, UGA would reciprocate with two free throws of its own, and we then failed to land a game-winning three.

On the whole, mediocre shooting did the Lady Gamecocks in tonight. We shot .356 for the game. We were able to win the shot differential battle due to scrappy defense and offensive rebounding, but when you shoot that poorly and the opponent shoots .500, it's tough to come away with a victory.

The win leaves Carolina on the outside looking in for the race for the SEC Title. Both teams came into the game with four conference losses, one behind Tennessee and Kentucky's three. UGA's win leaves it with a clear path to competing with the Vols and 'Cats, while Carolina will need some help.

That said, Carolina is still in position to finish the season ranked, as well as to earn a nice bid to the SEC Tournament. And frankly, you can't blame the team too much tonight. They fought hard and are having a great season. UGA is a good team and you don't always beat good teams. Fight on, Lady Gamecocks!