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SEC Power Poll Results: 2/19-2/25

1. Kentucky Wildcats 96
2. Florida Gators 87
3. Vanderbilt Commodores 81
4. Alabama Crimson Tide 69
5. Mississippi St. Bulldogs 63
6. LSU Tigers 57
7. Tennessee Volunteers 45
8. Arkansas Razorbacks 39
9. Mississippi Rebels 39
10. Auburn Tigers 23
11. Georgia Bulldogs 16
12. South Carolina Gamecocks 9

See what the voters had to say after the jump.


Despite all of the distractions, this team continues to fight.--Alabama Basketball Blog


Dropped their first home contest of the year to the Gators in a big way. Looking like NIT or bust.--A Sea of Blue


I feel like I should move the Tigers up after a win over Mississippi State, but it was only their second this month.--And the Valley Shook


Their performance in Fayetteville highlights why this team, if their perimeter shots are falling, is a darkhorse Final Four team.--Alabama Basketball Blog


Youth + no inside offense=SEC fail.--Georgia Sports Blog


John Calipari has orchestrated this team to the best in the nation.--ACC & SEC Blog


Don't think they can make the tournament, but they are hot right now after three straight wins.--A Sea of Blue

Mississippi St.

Cookie crumbling late in the season. Not good.--Leftover Hot Dog

Ole Miss

Black Bears went back into hibernation.--Leftover Hot Dog

South Carolina

The Gamecock basketball program has descended the same amount in recent years that the football program has ascended.--ACC & SEC Blog


They might be the best .500 team in the nation.--Georgia Sports Blog


Steamrolled the Rebels in Oxford, looking very dangerous now.--A Sea of Blue