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Kentucky at South Carolina Post-Game: 'Cats Dismantle Carolina

Well, this should be short and not so sweet: With a national audience looking on, Carolina was utterly humiliated by the top-ranked Kentucky Wildcats, losing 86-52. There are really no words to describe how ugly this game was for Carolina. The score was 52-25 at the half; you'd almost think this was some kind of exhibition between an NBA and a high school team. I honestly can't recall a recent game in any sport where we looked this bad. Maybe the 2008 football game against Florida? Regardless, this was an unequivocal embarrassment. It's not that we lost that's so upsetting. It's actually not even that we lost bad. Kentucky is an extremely talented team, and truth be told, they played one of their best games tonight. Their star freshman Anthony Davis was simply breathtaking. What's upsetting, though, is that we did very little to challenge them. We played undisciplined, sloppy ball all night, giving up numerous easy baskets, offensive rebounds, etc. The lack of inspiration with the 'Cats in town was disturbing. The team just didn't look mentally into the game, and considering our failure to adjust defensively in the first half, the coaching staff wasn't in it, either. To add insult to injury, the Kentucky fans probably outnumbered ours 3-1, making the game a 'Cats vacation party; Kentucky basketball, of course, is known for having the best road support in college sports, but our poor attendance made this situation particularly unpleasant.

I've been defending Horn lately, but it's very difficult to do that right now. The team stinks, and the fans don't care. I'm keeping the faith for right now--I hope Horn figures out a way to win a few games before the end of the season. If he doesn't, I hope Eric Hyman is ready to give this situation some serious thought, because what happened tonight was simply inexcusable.