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Six Gamecocks Invited to the NFL Combine (Corrected)

The NFL has released its official invitation list to the NFL Scouting Combine and five six Gamecocks have made the cut. The Combine (also known as the National Invitational Camp) will be held from February 22-28 in Indianapolis.

The five selected from USC were Antonio Allen, Melivn Ingram, Alshon Jeffery, Stephon Gilmore, Travian Robertson* and Rokevious Watkins.

Certainly, none of these five six Gamecock invitees is much of a surprise, but they still should be congratulated. The Combine is an invitation-only event, and only about 300-335 players are asked to come in any given year. It's a signal honor to receive an inivitation and the attendees will have a chance to improve their draft position (or, concomitantly, to hurt it!) depending on how well they do in front of the assembled scouts, agents, coaches and general managers who will be watching from the stands at Lucas Oil Stadium.

ESPN's Edward Aschoff has broken down the SEC invitees by squad and, as far as the conference goes, five six attendees is a very respectable number: Bama led the way with 9, followed by UGA and LSU with 8. USC was fourth with 6. MSU and Arkansas had 4; Auburn and Florida, 3; and UT, UK, Ole Miss and Vandy had 2 invited.

For guys like Kyle Nunn, CC Whitlock, Rodney Paulk etc. who were not invited, it doesn't mean that they won't be drafted, but it probably does mean that barring something unusual, they will be a lower-rounder if drafted at all [or, more likely, sign a free agency contract]. They can be invited to attend the NFL regional combines; they also can show-out at USC's Pro Day (March 28).

*Inadvertently omitted in the first draft (and by Ed Aschoff in the ESPN piece) - sorry Travian and good luck in Indy!! (H/t Connor!)