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South Carolina at Tennessee: A Quick Recap

The Gamecocks opened the game promisingly, but after a strong late-first-half surge, the Tennessee Volunteers for the most part controlled tonight's game in Knoxville, winning 69-57. The Gamecocks were able to cut the lead to three fairly late in the game, but Tennessee closed strongly. Bruce Ellington led Carolina with 12 points, while Skylar McBee led UT with 18.

The story on the stat line was that Tennessee shot 50% to Carolina's 33%. The silver lining to that sad tale is that this wasn't a game where Carolina didn't work the post or have any offensive strategy; it was just a game where we shot poorly. Damontre Harris took seven shots, which is what we want from him. Unfortunately, he only made one, which is far less than what he typically makes. The same goes for Malik Cooke--got his looks, but didn't make enough of them. The guys just didn't step up to the plate from the field tonight, and Tennessee did. That's all I have for this one. Small victories.

Carolina travels to Arkansas this weekend.