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Is the search over? Not so fast, my friends ...

<em>Kansas State's Frank Marrtin:  Has he talked to USC?  Was he in Columbia today?</em>
Kansas State's Frank Marrtin: Has he talked to USC? Was he in Columbia today?

We may be coming to the end of our search for a new coach -- according to reports from both Columbia and Wichita. But, then again, maybe we're not ...

(And, no, it's not that coach from Wichita!)

At Sportstalkgolive,com, Brian Rauf has posted Indications are Martin to be next USC basketball coach, in which he says that "SportsTalk learned late Friday afternoon that South Carolina Athletics Director Eric Hyman has made a decision on his basketball hire, with the announcement coming early next week."

The Wichita NBC affiliate, KSN-TV, was running a similar report early this evening - but apparently has taken it down, leaving a 404 error message in its place -

So what gives?

The State's Andy Shain has tweeted "To review the past 15 minutes: Sporting News reports USC has asked permission to speak with KSU's Frank Martin" and "A blog retracts a report that USC has hired him. Martin sends a text to reporters saying he's at "Jersey Boys" and talked to no one." Andy doesn't mention which blog he's referring to - nor does he link to Sporting News. Gamecock Central's David Cloninger, however, also confirms that Sporting News report, but says that "K-State nor Martin's agent would ever call me back when [he] asked for the same news."

One tidbit - Gene Sapakoff of the Charleston Post & Courier has tweeted that "Frank Martin flies in from Manhattan to visit ." Apparently, Cloninger has also reported that Martin was in Columbia today, but this story is behind the paywall. Gene is being careful to say he is only reporting that Martin interviewed at USC today, not that any deal has been reached. Likewise, the Sports Information Department has said that no press conferences have been set for next week. Eric Hyman is reportedly on his way to Fresno to see the Lady Gamecocks play Stanford.

Back in Kansas, however, Wichita Eagle sports columnist - and knowledgeable source - Bob Lutz says he has just texted with Martin "to ask him what's going on. He insists he hasn't talked to anyone. Call me crazy, but I believe him." So who do we believe? For his part, Lutz thinks that it would be shortsighted for Martin to go to South Carolina, and he "can't see it happening." So is he getting played?

Or are we?