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The Daily Feed: April 16, 2012

<em>Ray Tanner:  Excited to be above .500?</em>
Ray Tanner: Excited to be above .500?

Bleacher Report: South Carolina Football: Post-Spring Game 2-Deep Depth Chart. USC RB Lattimore says he'll be ready for season.

Athlon: SEC Football: Quarterback Rankings for 2012.

Saturday Down South: Spurrier Being Spurrier With A Verbal Jab For Saban And Georgia.

The Rubber Chickens: Chris Low’s Lost Notes: The Spurrier Interview. Heh.

Life of a Gamecock: ATH Jasper Sasser Commits to South Carolina.

Spur of the Moment: Darry Slater posts the Full version of today's story on new USC LBs coach Kirk Botkin. From Friday. A great story - plus a great "no comment" on L'Affaire Petrino.

Anderson Independent-Mail: Being away from football has helped make Marcus Lattimore a better player.

Post & Courier: Gamecocks sweep Mississippi State.

Gamecock Central: Diamond Extra: Sparkling defense spurs USC.

Gamecock Anthem: Back at even in SEC play.

Palmetto Recruiting: Gill closes door on USC option. Good luck wherever you land, Anthony.

Leftover Hotdog: Gamecocks Basketball Recruiting: Frank Martin on the Hunt. From Saturday. Jeffery likely source of draft-day drama.

Stale Feed

Bleacher Report: From last Wednesday, but worth reading - 2012 NFL Draft: Alshon Jeffery's Character Concerns; Debunking the Myth. It's nice to see a positive post at BR about Jeffery, after all the negativity that practically constitutes a smear campaign - e.g., this writer thinks AJ will be a "first round bust" because he is a "diva", while this 49ers correspondent questions whether AJ can "stay out of trouble off the field"? What diva behavior? What off-the-field trouble? The stupidity level is at a fever pitch; whoever gets AJ1 is going to have a super-star.