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The Daily Feed: April 17, 2012

<em>Marchs Lattimore:  Best Player in the SEC?</em>
Marchs Lattimore: Best Player in the SEC?

Gamecocksonline: South Carolina Hosts College Of Charleston On Tuesday. First pitch at 7:00 p.m. at Carolina Stadium; TV - Fox Sports South.

Saturday Down South: SDS Top 25 Players For 2012: Marcus Lattimore - No. 1 - "He’s a very unselfish team player, and I know South Carolina loves having this kid represent their school and program. I love having this kid represent the SEC, and here’s to hoping he makes a full recovery and is healthy the whole 2012 season."

The Daily Gamecock: Lattimore doing 'the little things' in the spring.

Brad Senkiw: Quiet spring a thing for the South Carolina football team. It has been relatively peaceful - but don't jinx it, Brad!

Bleacher Report: Spring Game Shows a Pass-Happy Gamecock Team? Bless you Alex - no slideshow! Ditto Barrett Sallee's piece - Recapping the Gamecocks' Spring Game. Like many of you, I dislike BR as a general rule, but I really like the guys who cover the Cocks - Flounder, Adam Garrett, Alex Roberts and now Barrett Sallee; I would permanently disable the slideshow feature if I had the geek-skills to hack into the BR mainframe, though.

Mr. SEC: Writer: Spurrier Is Still The Top Gator Over Meyer… And He’s Right. John Pennington discusses a recent column in the Orlando Sun which proclaims that the HBC will "forever be the King of Florida football."

Leftover Hotdog: Video: Top 5 High School Football Athletes In South Carolina - Class Of 2013. Flounder serves up some recruiting dish by linking to a video. Hoping to get 4 of 5!

Post & Courier: USC gives hoops player Damontre Harris permission to seek transfer. The latest from Darryl Slater on both Damontre Harris and Anthony Gill. My take is that these two young men - playing in virtual silence before thousands-upon-thousands of empty seats in the Colonial Life Arena - lost faith in the Gamecock nation; the sad part is that Gamecock fans will flock back in droves to support Martin, while both of them ride the pine in anonymity next season on some ACC bench. What a shame all around.

The Daily Gamecock: USC sophomore forward granted permission to transfer. "'I don’t understand the problem with him not being able to go to (N.C.) State,' [Damontre's Mother] said. 'He hasn’t even said he wanted to go to State. I don’t understand where they’re coming up with this tampering stuff from.'" She has an interesting take on Coach Martin and whether he is courting Horn's old players with as much fervor as he is new recruits.

Sportstalkgolive: The story by KMac that most everyone is quoting - Frank Martin tells Damontre Harris he can go anywhere but N.C. State. The focus is on former USC assistant Orlando Early, who left Carolina to work for Mark Gottfried last season.

NBC Sports: Damontre Harris the latest player handcuffed by transfer rules. Rob Dauster argues that "[t]he burden of punishing a player and a program should land on the NCAA, who will have the time and the resources to investigate the accusations. South Carolina shouldn’t have the power to bar Harris from receiving a scholarship during the mandatory redshirt season for transfers, which in-and-of-itself is an unfair rule." Dauster may have a point, but he goes too far at the end of his column - and foolishly fails to contrast Harris' limited release with Gill's full release.

Backing the Pack: NCSU fans are certainly taking notice - South Carolina Transfer Damontre Harris Prohibited From Enrolling At NC State. Some of 'em think Martin is crazy. Personally, I'm sure he's on to something. (For all you younger Gamecocks, never to forget that it is your birthright to despise the Packies almost as much as the Tar-holes and the Dookies - NCSU is the Clemson of the North State; here endeth the lesson).

Cocky Country: Katie posts a Gamecocks Weekend Wrap Up (from Sunday).

Gamecock Central: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: MSU.

Team Speed Kills: SEC Baseball: Around the Bases Sees Thing Returning to Normal. Sort of. - Cocknfire's take on the SEC boys of summer late spring at the half-way mark.