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The Daily Feed: April 6, 2012 (PM Edition!)

<em>Michael Roth:  SEC Scholar Athlete of the Year.</em>
Michael Roth: SEC Scholar Athlete of the Year.

TDF - I know you try anything once, baby; you try anything twice.

Gamecock Baseball

Sportstalkgolive: Michael Roth named SEC Scholar-Athlete of the Year.

Gamecock Central: Volunteers come to town.

Gamecocks in the Draft

WIVB Buffalo: 31 Players In 31 Days: Melvin Ingram.

SB Nation Kansas City: 2012 NFL Mock Draft: Melvin Ingram Could Be Next Tamba Hali For Chiefs - No. 11.

SB Nation: NFL Mock Draft 2012: The Seattle Seahawks Select Hybrid Defensive Player At No. 12.

SB Nation New York: 2012 NFL Mock Draft: New York Jets Select Melvin Ingram, OLB/DE, South Carolina - No. 16. I doubt he will be around when the Jets come up.

Revenge of the Birds: Is Alshon Jeffery The Answer For The Cardinals' Wide Receiver Needs? This blogger is wondering if the Cards trade down from No. 13, would Alshon be a good complement to Larry Fitzgerald. Does a Bear take a ... oh, never mind.

Akron Beacon Journal: South Carolina's Stephon Gilmore visit Browns.

Gamecock Football

CBS Sports: Younger Jeffery goes under knife. Wishing Shamier a speedy recovery.

AJC Recruiting: Commit! Georgia LB pledges to Steve Spurrier, Gamecocks. I love how at the AJC it's always Spurrier first - or more often than not just "Spurrier" - and not South Carolina. How often have you seen a poll that asks "Who will get the services of so-and-so? (a) UGA; (b) Bama; (c) Spurrier." In any event, great quote from Kight Dallas: "'At South Carolina, it feels like home,' Dallas said. 'They really want me and I love the SEC, so I just committed.'” He looks like he is in good shape academically with a 2.8 GPA. Check out the lovely sniping and grousing from UGA fans in the comments which is the hallmark of our non-rivals from the Peanut State.

Life of a Gamecock: Gamecock Football Recruiting: LB Kight Dallas Commits to South Carolina - with video.

Sportstalkgolive: New name emerging at defensive back for Gamecocks .

Bleacher Report: Alex Roberts asks - Byron Jerideau the Next Melvin Ingram? Well, since Jerideau is a tackle and not an end, it's probably not the most apt question, but I agree with Alex that Byron's got a ton of upside, and will have a chance to shine in the fall. Also check out Flounder's recruiting post - LB Kight Dallas Commits to Gamecocks.

Gamecock Basketball

Leftover Hotdog: Dear Damontre Harris and Anthony Gill, Stay at South Carolina. Tweet this to them Flounder - I hope they both see it.

SB Nation Kansas City: Frank Martin To South Carolina: Gamecocks Among 'Big Winners' In NCAA Coaching Carousel.

Loose Feed

Arkansas Expats: Bobby Petrino, Public Relations Wizard. A really good article from the Hogs' P.O.V..

Dixie Fried Sports: Matt Barber asks What's next for Petrino?

The Rubber Chickens: Best of the Web: Bobby and Jess. I will try not to become verklempt that my own meager musings on the subject are not among the "best of the Web," Buck. Ok - it's not working.

Mr. SEC: Hog A.D. Long In The Hot Seat, Too.

Pat Forde: Will Arkansas fans back a sinning winner, or roast Bobby Petrino like they did Houston Nutt?

College Football News: SEC Coaching Analysis & Hot Seat Status. This article came out seven days ago - back on March 30 (we ran the analysis on the east division on April 1), but the entry on Petrino's low "hot seat status" is poignant now that his fate hangs in the balance: "Where is he going to go? Arkansas ended Petrino’s reputation for having a wandering eye by locking him up tight. His alma mater is Carroll, so it’s not like there’s a heartstring job out there. To be kind, let’s just say the NFL isn’t exactly an option, and at the moment, few college gigs are stronger or more promising than Arkansas after the rebuilding job he did. Only 51, if he keeps this up there might be national championships, plural, before he’s done." Well, if he gets fired from Arkansas, someone's going to hire him - he just has been too successful in Fayetteville (and Louisville) not to be a head coach somewhere. He may never have a $3m+ gig again though - or sniff the BCS.