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Batting Around: Week 8

We've got an abbreviated edition this week, folks. The real world has not been so accommodating as of late. I've spent exactly one night in my own bed over the last four weeks, so be thankful for what you get.

1.) Kentucky Wildcats (30-3, 9-3 SEC) - Kentucky's earned it, people. You hate it, I hate it, and Lord knows Kentucky fans are still too drunk off their basketball national championship to even notice. We're four weeks into SEC play and the Wildcats have lost a grand total of three games. Unbelievable.

2.) LSU Tigers (25-7, 8-4 SEC) - After taking two of three from Florida in Gainesville, LSU has me thinking they've finally charmed that snake that bit 'em last season.

3.) Florida Gators (25-7, 7-5 SEC) - Still in the mix to be the best team in the league, but took a step back last weekend.

4.) South Carolina Gamecocks (23-9, 5-7 SEC) - The Gamecocks play gritty baseball, even against fluffy opponents. They're that much closer to sniffing .500 in conference play again, though. The 'Cocks host MSU this weekend.

5.) Arkansas Razorbacks (24-7, 7-5 SEC) - Taking two from UGA last weekend was no small feat for the Hogs. They're second in the West with a chance to make some noise against Kentucky at home this weekend.

6.) Ole Miss Rebels (21-10, 6-6 SEC) - Lost the series to 2-1 to Kentucky, but stalemated the Wildcats in the runs department by a combined score of 14-14. They're still hovering around the middle of the league, but they will be a team to watch in the post season.

7.) Mississippi State Bulldogs (20-12, 5-7 SEC) - Took two (and nearly three) from Vanderbilt last weekend. At this point, though, isn't that what you're supposed to do?

8.) Vanderbilt Commodores (13-19, 4-8 SEC) - The 'Dores are slowly climbing their way out of the cellar, but took a step back last weekend against MSU. The next two weeks get considerably easier as Auburn and Alabama roll onto the schedule.

9.) Georgia Bulldogs (19-13, 5-7 SEC) - A team that should still make both the SEC and NCAA Tournaments. They'll need to get their groove back this weekend against Ole Miss at home.

10.) Tennessee Volunteers (20-12, 6-6 SEC) - A scrappy performance against the two-time defending national champion Gamecocks earns this squad a leg up over the Yellow Hammer state.

11.) Auburn Tigers (17-14, 6-6 SEC) - For shame, Auburn. Rivalry games mean little in the way of rankings, but being swept by the Tide carries a stink that's hard to get away from this season.

12.) Alabama Crimson Tide (13-19, 4-8 SEC) - But, but bu bu bu... Yeah, I know. What do we know about rivalry games? That don't count for nuthin', that's what. You're going to have to do more than sweep your mediocre rival -at home- to dig yourself out of this hole.