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Batting Around: Week 13

1. Kentucky Wildcats (41-11 / 18-9)

A visit from Alabama was just what the doctor ordered for Kentucky, which got its season back on track with a dominant sweep over the Tide.

2. South Carolina Gamecocks (38-13 / 17-9)

You know, if Carolina had played and won Sunday, I would probably have left them at first. However, we'll never know how the Georgia series would have ended, and with Kentucky a half game up on Carolina and sporting a head-to-head sweep, I just can't rationalize keeping us ahead of them right now. The Gamecocks will have a good opportunity to prove themselves this coming weekend, when they play...

3. LSU Tigers (39-13 / 17-10)

The Tigers have the shaky West wrapped up, but losing two games by a run apiece to Vanderbilt over the weekend still has to sting and will likely hurt LSU in the overall conference standings. The Tigers travel to Columbia this weekend to take on the Gamecocks.

4. Florida Gators (38-14 / 16-11)

Florida managed to gut out two wins over what has become a feisty Mississippi St. team. They're still in the conference race, but they need to sweep Auburn this weekend and hope for some help from LSU against USC and Miss. St. against Kentucky.

5. Arkansas Razorbacks (35-17 / 13-14)

Perhaps a bit hung over from the recent tough series against the Gamecocks, the Razorbacks dropped a home series to Auburn. Not good. Still seems like the best of the mid-pack teams to me, though, although they really need to regroup if they intend to do anything in the post-season.

6. Mississippi Rebels (34-18 / 14-13)

The Rebels used a sweep over Tennessee to get their heads back above water. They're now at 20th in the RPI and could use some more momentum as we approach tourney time.

7. Mississippi St. Bulldogs (31-20 / 13-14)

There's no shame in losing in Gainesville, but State would have really liked to have taken that series. It's been trending in a positive direction of late, and one more win against the Gators would have really helped.

8. Georgia Bulldogs (29-22 / 13-13)

Georgia missed out on Game Three against the Gamecocks, which may or may not have been a blessing, depending on who you ask. The Dawgs have a good chance to finish above .500 in the league with a trip to Tuscaloosa on deck. You have to wonder if two losses in that series would do David Perno in.

9. Vanderbilt Commodores (26-25 / 13-14)

One of the conference's hottest teams, Vandy picked a good time to get out of its funk. Unfortunately, that funk lasted most of the season, and the 'Dores were in a pretty deep hole when they decided to start playing well. However, with an RPI of 38 and rising, Vandy, despite the ugly record, may have a better chance than you think of getting into the post-season, where it could likely wreak some havoc if it keeps playing like it is currently.

10. Auburn Tigers (28-23 / 12-15)

Nice series win over Arkansas. This season may not be quite done for the Tigers.

11. Tennessee Volunteers (24-27 / 8-19)

It probably is done for these guys.

12. Alabama Crimson Tide (18-33 / 7-20)

It's definitely done for these guys.