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PODCAST: "I Never Thought Setting Up a Clemson Email Would Be So Hard!"

Lance, The Feathered Warrior, and I join forces for Half Cocked's first ever three host show. Steve Spurrier adds four players to the 2013 recruiting class and Ray Tanner's baseball team splits a three game series with Georgia and Mother Nature, leaving the Yardcocks hoping for bad things to happen to Kentucky during the final weekend of SEC play. Then we answer the ESPN SEC blog's mailbag, play the messages that you left in The Cock Box (312-789-5647 for The Cock Box), go off on a tangent about a potential college football playoff, discuss a possible SEC vs. Big XII challenge, and play a spirited round of "Chad Kelly Tweet or Kanye West Tweet?" To close out the show, the gang name their Velociraptors of the Week and say goodbye with a special Mother's Day edition of "Goodnight, Deborah."

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Call in to The Cock Box: 312-789-5647

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