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The Daily Feed: May 5, 2012

<em>Arkansas 3B Matt Reynolds slides under USC C Grayson Greiner in the 3rd inning of Friday's Game 1 of the Cocks-Hogs series.</em>
Arkansas 3B Matt Reynolds slides under USC C Grayson Greiner in the 3rd inning of Friday's Game 1 of the Cocks-Hogs series.

Gamecocksonline: Gamecocks Rally To Stun Arkansas 8-6 In 10 Innings. Saturday's game is still scheduled for 1:00 p.m. ET; TV - ESPN2.

Gamecock Central: Marz-elous: Marzilli's double tops Arkansas and Diamond Extra: Walker returns to lineup. Plus - Fish Story II - Reptar in Arkansas. It's all about the fish.

Cocky Country: Just Keep Swimming: "Fear The Fish" In Full Force As Yardcocks Rally.

Arkansas Online: Hogs squander lead, fall to South Carolina. We owed the Hogs this one after the way they handled us in both football and hoops.

Spur of the Moment Blog: USC baseball surging into the home stretch, with tough series still ahead.

Ron Morris: Superstars plus chemistry equals elite program. I think Ron's right - Tanner's program is now in that enviable strata where he fields an elite squad even during reloading/rebuilding years.

Sportstalkgolive: USC target 6-3 point guard Willie Moore of Cincinnati commits to Oregon - plus other recruiting notes from Phil Kornblut. Frank Martin's amazing recruiting run looks to have run out of steam after missing out on Moore and Sheldon Jeter; not to mention the fact that 6-8 Tevin Glass of Alpharetta, GA has missed his scheduled official visit this weekend - no word on why, yet.

Get The Picture Blog: Senator Blutarsky is Looking at those SEC East schedules and comes to the realization that - shockingly - UGA was awarded an easy schedule; the Senator assures us that we can take some solace, however, from this fact:

Georgia isn’t the only team in the East to dodge the Alabama-Arkansas-LSU trifecta. Vanderbilt does, too. And you can argue that Vandy actually gets a bigger break on its West match-ups than Georgia, even though they’re against the same teams, because it gets the weaker of the two on the road.

See? It's not just Georgia who lucked out. Of course, though, the point all along is that it's not luck why UGA is the only SEC East squad that has managed to avoid the "Alabama-Arkansas-LSU trifecta" in back-to-back years - i.e., 2011 and 2012. We can agree that last season (2011), it was by virtue of the natural course of the 5-1-2 rotation. But the 2012 schedule, however, was the creation of the league officials to suit their purposes in breaking Mizzou and Texas A&M into the league. In light of how well Georgia did in 2011 - and was projected to do in 2012 - the SEC should have kept Georgia-Alabama; it certainly would have been the marquee East-West cross-division game of the season, and would have balanced out the newly-created LSU-South Carolina game. Between the Dawgs and the Tide, however, somebody got a pass from the boys in Birmingham - arguably both, since the defending NC Tide shouldn't have received any breaks either. In fact, the front office guys could not have failed to notice that UGA will have only played one of the Alabama-Arkansas-LSU trifecta just three times from '09 to '12 [LSU and Arkie in 2009 and Arkie in 2010]. In the same period [2009-2012], however, South Carolina, Florida and Tennessee have each turned the trick 6 times and Vandy 5; only lowly UK (3) has been sheltered as much as UGA - and never two years straight. Hence the inequity. Blutarsky is right, however, that should USC drop to Vandy, it will probably be lights-out on any hope the Cocks have of getting back to the SECCG on December 1.

Bleacher Report: South Carolina Recruiting: Gamecocks Should Look at Swansea LB Byron Johnson.

Gamecocksonline: Tough Loss Again for South Carolina Softball as Ole Miss Claims 1-0 Win.

Team Speed Kills: Cocknfire completes his series on the BCS - The BCS What If ... ?, Part III: Lessons Learned.