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Garnet & Blacketology: The Tweet Sixteen

Blacketology Sweet 16
Blacketology Sweet 16

UPDATE: Voting in the Tweet Sixteen is now closed (see the results after the jump).

It was a topsy-turvy week in the world of Garnet & Blacketology: The College Tworld Series. We saw upsets. We saw come-from-behind victories. We saw respected writers and pundits risking their journalistic credibility by promoting this absurd endeavor.

16 teams were eliminated, and 16 teams are one step closer to obtaining the Gamecock Twittersphere's highest honor: College Tworld Series Champion.

We begin the second and final week of Garnet & Blacketology with the regional semifinal round. After the jump, click on "VOTE" next to each matchup to be taken to a page where you'll be prompted to select the superior tweeter.

Blogger/Pay Site Writer Semifinals


(8) @SpursUpBlog vs. (5) @WesMitchellSC: VOTE (FINAL: @SpursUpBlog 41%, @WesMitchellSC 58%)

(3) @Lifeofagamecock vs. (2) @johnmwhittle: VOTE (FINAL: @Lifeofagamecock 29%, @johnmwhittle 70%)

Journalist Semifinals


(1) @sportstalksc vs. (4) @GamecockRadio: VOTE (FINAL: @sportstalksc 59%, @GamecockRadio 40%)

(6) @TravHaneyESPN vs. (2) @DarrylSlater: VOTE (FINAL: @TravHaneyESPN 78%, @DarrylSlater 21%)

Athlete Semifinals


(1) @mtRoth29 vs. (5) @LattTwoOne: VOTE (FINAL: @mtRoth29 83%, @LattTwoOne 16%)

(6) @DrewOwens88 vs. (2) @31milesaway: VOTE (FINAL: @31milesaway 85%, @DrewOwens88 15%)

Entertainment Semifinals


(1) @ITS_DABO vs. (4) @Haney1075: VOTE (FINAL: @ITS_DABO 72%, @Haney1075 27%)

(3) @NoStephenGarcia vs. (2) @TeamGarcia5: VOTE (FINAL: @NoStephenGarcia 56%, @TeamGarcia5 43%)